The Translation of Codes

The speed of development of technology has so many advances that It can be described as no less than mind blowing. Newer technology is released so often that it often doesn’t even take any more than a few months for the prices of it to go down as newer and better technology gets released shortly afterwards. Just take a look at our phones. They went steadily from being capable of only bare functions such as calls and texts to now being full-fledged developer tools used in the means of production. Android devices are one of the most popular types of smartphones available out there on the market.

Now we can watch our movies and play our songs with these smartphones and Android is definitely one of the driving forces behind the motivation present for it. Video games designed to be specifically released on these smart phones can be entertaining and have managed to fashion for itself it’s very own exclusive market. Many games released on Android phones never see the light of our computers as they are simply just not optimized for them even though there are so many Android users that wish for ports of their favourite games. A phone can only accomplish so much and a computer can be more fun for some people to play on after all.

So, to bridge this definitive gap between Windows and Android is the release of a software known as Bluestacks. The Bluestacks download count has reached millions of people worldwide as it is freely and widely available software on the internet. This Android emulator has let many Android users access and utilize their phones games and apps on their computers. It translates the instructions between the two devices so that they can be easily understood by each other.

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