Some Amazing Ways to Cook Beef Jerky

Most of the people in the world love beef jerky and why wouldn’t they when it is a beef snack that you can store for a long time and carry it around wherever you go. The best thing about beef jerky is that it is completely healthy as long as it does not contain any kind of preservatives, salt and fat because these three things are bad for the health of the consumer and if one consumes a lot of beef jerky daily that is full of these things then he/she is in danger of developing blood pressure and weight problems.

After reading our above statement, you should not be scared of beef jerky but you should opt for options that are healthier or make it at home to control the amount of salt that you put in. If you want to have some unique beef jerky then you should go to the site of a store called The Manly Man and check it out.

Chinese Way

It is called the Chinese way because we are going to use some ingredients that are loved by Chinese which makes them love this jerky too. Before the strips of meat are dried up into jerky, you add tamari sauce, light brown sugar, minced garlic, sesame oil, ground peppers and sesame seeds.

Indian Way

An interesting take on beef jerky is when you add curry, onion and garlic powder, loads of chilies and minced garlic to the strips of meat that you have cut thinly and cover it properly.

Cajun Way

Before dehydrating the jerky, put in Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, crab boil and liquid smoke. Do remember that the liquid smoke is necessary to bring out that special smoke flavor.

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