Owning a Condo: Advantages & Disadvantages

Sometimes we are stuck in between wanting two things. We might want the ownership that comes with a house but at the same time we want the convenience of living in an apartment in the middle of the city. Normally in situations like these, one would have to compromise but in this particular scenario, you can get the best of both worlds by opting for a condo instead. You can contact a real estate agent to learn about any condos or upcoming condominium projects in our desired area like Perla Tower condo. However, it is important that you know both the plus side and the downside of owning condos as well.

• Firstly and perhaps the most important advantage that a condo has is that by buying the condo, you have claimed ownership of your unit. So, it is not temporary or fleeting like renting an apartment.
• Most condos are located in the city so you do not have to worry and spend a lot of money on commuting.
• Condos offer a variety of bonus amenities like maybe a pool, a fitness center etc. that you can avail whenever you want.
• Condos have a proper lobby with security so you can be assured that they are a very safe and secure option.

• Other than the standard monthly mortgage, you also have to pay an added homeowners association fee which you cannot skip or opt out of regardless of whether or not you actually use the amenities.
• Each condo has strict rules that you must adhere to.
• Condos do not appreciate that quickly overtime so their resale value is not that good to begin with.
• With condos, you are ultimately sharing your unit with other units in the building so you do not have complete privacy,

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