Avoiding The Sun: Why You Should Start

We all know a handful of people in both our family and as well as our friends circle who have been diagnosed, under treatment and in some cases, even died because of cancer. While some families do have a genetic tendency, it isn’t always the case. One common type of cancer happens to be skin cancer, in fact, our favorite and only Wolverine, Hugh Jackman also recently underwent his battle with skin cancer and is now currently in remission. So anyone can be at risk when it comes to cancer, no one is actually safe.

One thing that has been found to have a strong link to skin cancer are Ultra Violet rays and the most common medium being the sun. You will notice that all doctors now advise limiting your sun exposure and this is honestly for multiple reasons. UV rays damages our skin and can cause appearance of early wrinkles and signs of aging, dullness and an increased risk of developing melanoma and other types of skin cancers. Some may argue that the sun is a source of Vitamin D and that it shouldn’t be avoided but there are other sources of Vitamin D as well, including supplements. Skin cancer wasn’t as common earlier because global warming and the damage to ozone was not that evident either.

So, it is important that you start taking precautions from the start. Sunscreen in your new best friend and should be worn every single day, including cloudy ones. Avoid spending too long under direct sunlight and keep yourself protected by tinting your windows so that you can filter UV light. You can get this done on your house as well as your car. Numerous companies and businesses offer window tinting services like Rayban Window Tinting Cannington.

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