Content Rich And Addictive

Finding good games to play is starting to become more and more difficult, ever since developing games has become easy everyone has started to try their hand at the trade. This has led to a lot of poorly designed and poorly managed games being developed, and trying to sort the good games from the bad from such a mess is not an easy feat. However, there are still good game developers out there, one of them being RobTop Games, a developer that is popular for their thrilling action platformer; Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash comes in those handful of games that can boast about being released on three different platforms; the game is available on android, iOS and on Steam as well where it got a solid 10/10 from its users. What makes this game so popular is the fact that its simple design makes the game effortless to play, but it still manages to provide players with a new challenge on every level, the latest update of the game has brought in a whole new set of updates to refresh the game and has also introduced a new level called FingerDash.

Geometry Dash 2.1 was released in January 2017 on Steam and is slowly being released on android and iOS devices in different regions. You could sit around and wait for the latest version of the game to become available on your store, or you could grab the Geometry Dash 2.1 APK and install the game yourself. The APK is only around 60MB big and is quite easy to install, once you’ve completed the installation you can start playing the game right away, just make sure that your device is running on android version 4.0 or above otherwise the game won’t be compatible with your OS.