OTR Kitchen Additions

For those of you who do not know about over the range microwaves, sometimes also called over the counter microwaves, they are a kitchen appliance that not just works as a microwave oven but also as a ventilation system, personal assistants and cooking helpers, and also as a space saver. As suggested by the name the over the range or counter microwave is not kept on your kitchen counter but is installed in between the over head cabinets, usually right above the stove. The reason for their placement is to both clear up space and stop unnecessary cluttering in the kitchen counter top, and also so that the steam or smoke from the cooking goes directly to the built in ventilator system in the over the head microwave.

Having an over the range or counter microwave is a great way of both clearing out space and getting some help with the cooking. This is a multi tasking appliance that can make cooking and working in a kitchen a lot easier than it currently is. It is the every – man sort of an appliance and has become extremely popular over the past few years. So you will be able to find just about any size of an over the counter or range microwave, from a large 24 inch wide microwave ovens to smaller 16 inch ones, and you will be able to find one at many different price ranges, and with settings that can suit any type of cooking or culinary style.

So if you want to make an investment on an over the range microwave oven then right now is a great time to get one. With so many variations and styles available the prices are market relatively cheaper. However you should have an idea of what you want beforehand to make sure you know what you are getting.