Making PPI Claims

For those of you who do not know what PPI is, it is called the Payment Protection Insurance and it is designed in a way that if in the case of a death, great illness, accident, or redundancy, your payments on your loans or on your credit card bills can be kept up. However the PPI service has been greatly mis-sold to a lot of people, as millions of people do have mortgages, loans of some kind, and have to repay credit. So that is also a good way of finding out if you were sold any Payment Protection Insurance incorrectly, for which you continue to pay but will gain nothing from it. You should ideally go back and check up on all the loans and mortgages you have taken out and see if you are eligible to reclaim some payments that were wrongly taken from you because the payment protection insurance service was mis-sold to you as its policies do not apply to you.

The policies of the payment protection insurance service are usually sold to you at the time of you getting your loan or your credit card, and can even be sold to you when you are apply for a car financing deal or when you are applying for a mortgage. These insurance policies are supposed to help you keep paying your loans if something were to happen to you; however the PPI claim didn’t always come through for a lot of people. This is because the policies for who the payment protection insurance applies to did not cover all the people that the policy had been sold to. This meant that millions of people ended up paying insurance money for no reason whatsoever as they could not get the claims on the insurance if anything did happen to them.

Fire Watch Service Versus Maintenance Company

Many people are unaware of the fact that fir watch services are required whenever there is a malfunction with the fire alarm system of the sprinkler. While the regulation for the requirement and maintenance of these services vary from state to state, the basic requirement is to ensure that the fire alarm is systematically maintained and does not go offline. However, many property owners do not call in fire watch guards and instead, perform the task on their own. With the help of the comparison between the two methods, you will soon come to the conclusion about the importance of the professional fire watch service.

By having non-professionals do the job of fire watch patrol, property owners are shifting the liability from insurance companies onto themselves. While there is no doubt that fire accidents happen quite rarely, but the property owners will be held liable for when it actually happens. This action is usually motivation by the cost saving factor as calling in fire watch services can prove to be quite expensive.

The job description of the maintenance company that works for you will be limited to that of maintaining the property in terms of repairmen; fire watch services are not part of it. While it may save you a lot of money initially, the job will not be done quite well on a professional level. This will leave you feeling unsatisfied knowing that the job could’ve been done better had you hired the right professional for it.

Moreover, it is essential that you know about the costly fines that come along with not hiring fire watch guards for the task since it is illegal otherwise. While the costly fines can be tackled upon standard checking, the damaged done in case of a fire emergency can lead to worse consequences.

Details About Different Neighborhoods In San Francisco And The Real Estate Market Of Each

The value of a property depends on a couple of things; type of property, age, materials used, builders of the real estate, reputation of the project, surrounding views, facilities nearby, size, commercial value of the area and the neighborhood. There are many amazing neighborhoods in San Francisco which house the most beautiful real estates. We recommend that you explore all neighborhoods in San Francisco so that you know which one you like the best then search the real estate in that particular neighborhood.

Each of the neighborhoods of San Francisco has its own specialty, history, attraction and features. If you are confused about which neighborhood to choose and which property to go for then we suggest that you hire the services of Vertical Views as they will provide you with all the information and get you the best deals according to your taste and budget. We have prepared a list of the some of the neighborhoods of San Francisco which house the best properties so without keeping you waiting further, let us scroll down below.


Soma contains some of the best properties like 870 Harrison, 99 Rausch, Sapphire, 1415 Mission, 1400 Mission, Mexican Museum, 33 Tehama and more.

Pacific Heights
The condos in Pacific Heights are Rockwell, 2000 Ellis, 1481 Post, 1450 Franklin, The District, The Pacific, 2190 Broadway St., Luxe SF and others.

Hayes Valley
There are many good condos in Hayes Valley like One Franklin, One Oak, Laguna Hayes, 450 Hayes and various others.

Dog Patch
The famous condos in Dog Patch are on Tennessee Street like 950 Tennessee, 777 Tennessee etc.

South Beach
South Beach is a pretty famous neighborhood of San Francisco and the most famous properties are Seventy2, 45 Lansing and Lumina.